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Welcome to StarshipBabes.com!

Have you ever wanted to see a Starship crew made of all hot and horny babes? If that's your fantasy, then you're in luck. This site was designed to bring to life a starship crew of gorgeous chicks that will boldly go where no other chicks have gone before. On this site, we will have interactive adult games, in which you'll be able to strip these space babes naked. You'll be able to drool over their photos in the pin-up gallery. You'll be able to send in suggestions for new Starship Babes character. (Only suggestions by members will be taken in consideration). You'll also be able to read about their sexual adventures and erotic encounters in an all new and original comic book series.

April 19, 2003
The Angel Falls comics is being converted into a shockwave "Flash" comic. One word: "AWESOME"!! The new comic in Flash format takes comics to a whole new level... We've got animations now in the comics!! In our first panel, we've got a Spacepod floating in space... We've got Milla's eyes blinking in the second panel! Stay tuned for more updates!

April 8, 2003
Jeff started working on comics for the new "Angel Falls" story.

March 10, 2003
We posted the preview page with a collage of the various Starship Babes pinups.

March 4, 2003
Our free area site design is up now. The site has a top header graphic now. And images of the Dirty Angels on the side bar. More to come!

February 24, 2003
More renders for Starship Babes.

February 18, 2003
Another Starship Babes team was formed.. We're calling the new group "Angel Falls".

August 11, 2002
This is site is a work in progress... Check back for more updates...

August 5, 2002
Jeff made some renders on various character concepts. The crew of the USS Innuendo was formed.

August 2, 2002
Jeff and Ronald started discussing about the idea of doing space theme following the Justice Babes format.. The new site domain we came up with will be called "StarshipBabes.com"

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